I’m going to keep this brief as I’m quite busy growing 2 authority blogs which I will then try to monetize through a combination of the Amazon Affiliate program, Google Adsense, sponsored content, sponsored ads, affiliate marketing, and ad platforms such as Mediavine or media.net.

There’s a handful of marketers I follow and I plan to use my copywriting, email marketing, and general internet marketing knowledge with new stuff I learn from them for my execution.

Over the past 3 to 4 years I’ve started several projects. I’ve made some money, but just enough to get by. I’m ready to step it up a notch in 2018 and stop my shiny object syndrome.

In the past I’ve started a teaching abroad blog, a freelance marketing blog, a dog niche print on demand site, a health-related website to supplement my Amazon sales with a sleep aid supplement I formulated and then I moved onto 100% client work as a one-man agency, focusing on Amazon sellers. I to this day still do this. I run PPC and help sellers rank higher and utilize their ad spend better.

But I’m ready to swing back to the blog stuff.

None of my blogs made money via the niche blog money making methods (affiliate marketing, amazon affiliates, adsense) – they we’re siphons for service based businesses.

That’s NOT what I want.

My new goal is to create authority niche blogs with recurring income that’s somewhat passive.

That’s what this blog is aboutmy 2 authority blog projects.

  • One is in the nutrition space. It’s a completely fresh site.
  • The other is the revival of my dog niche T-shirt site.
    • It never had a blog, so blogging about this niche shall be interesting.
    • It has some domain age, being 2 years old now, but that’s about it.

The difference between niche blogs and authority blogs is not in the way they’re monetized, but in the way you portray the brand.

I don’t want to build a niche blog with some persona and write as a fake person.

I also don’t want to annoy everyone I know with what I do (facebook).

I simply want to build authority sites, ones that I am passionate about, build traffic, and then monetize them.

I don’t care if someone connects the dots and finds this site and my writings about those sites.

Every site I build I am 100% passionate about, therefore I will not use a persona.

My avatar is usually me, too.

In the past, I’ve gotten so caught up with avatar creation etc, etc that it’s caused me to inadvertently abandon ship or delay far too long.

So now I proceed with imperfect action.

This site will be very imperfect, yet I like how it is.

GeneratePress Pro is a great theme, and I plan to tap into its abilities when I have more time.

I will try to keep blog posts on Authority Growth informative. I document things based off what I myself need to learn, so the information is geared more towards beginners. But considering the ever changing pace of online marketing, it’s good to have beginner’s open mindset to learning.

There’s so much to learn.

It will be fun documenting the most interesting stuff.

From mindset “aha” moments to trials, tribulations, and *crossing fingers* my eventual booming authority site success…

AuthorityGrowth.com is the documentation of my bootstrapped authority niche blog growth journey.

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