A Cool Little Trick That Helps Get Backlinks From Blog Post Infographics

Nothing better than a good ol simple backlinking strategy, eh?

Backlinks are the best thing that can result from a nice infographic you’ve made.

In the past, handling infographics properly was a mystery to me. I never considered their backlink potential even though I’ve linked plenty of others’ before.

Now that I know more about how valuable backlinks truly are for all online businesses who want more web traffic, I’m able to recognize opportunities now when I see them.

When I first started online, not only did I take far too long created infographics, but I wasn’t even really sure how to use them after I had created them.

  • Do I make them their own post?
  • Do I put them at the top of a regular post?
  • Bottom of the page?
  • Do I put a long Pinterest image on the same page?
  • Do I include a PDF download of it? Lock it behind an email capture?

So while many of these and other questions come down to testing and seeing what works best, one little trick I just learned about from a blog post by Orbit Media, was to include a text snippet that others can use for sharing, that links back to your site.

That’s a really bad explanation of it, so let me just show you what I mean.

This is the screenshot of what I’m talking about:

infographic backlinking strategy blog post

A smart thing to add underneath your infographics

I don’t know why I’ve never noticed this before.

Now I’m motivated to create more infographics.

Here’s how it works:

So this rectangle they use to feature the embed code lets you click inside, easily highlight and copy. It also lets you type. I like the interactive element that offers.

I’m not sure the purpose of editing this code snippet though.

And I’m still not sure how to add this type of box in there.

This is what I mean:

infographic back link strategy blog post


So far I’ve learned how to add code snippets to a blog post, but not to have it styled like that one above. I’m sure WordPress developers worldwide would laugh at the fact that one doesn’t know how to share a code inside a WordPress blog post, but so it is.

Here are a couple ways I found to add an embed code alongside your infographics.

  1. Embed Code Generator: This is the easiest solution I think.
  2. Plugins:

Here’s a short list of snippet sharing plugins:

And then there are code snippet repositories that also let you embed code snippets in your blog posts.

The benefit of these is that you can share code easily with others in a place that lets users do what they want with them. They’re stored in a repository. These are more for developers:

These are not what we’re looking for since we’re just trying to share an embed code with our blog readers within the blog post underneath the infographic simply for backlinking purposes.

The styling part needs help. But this one is now copy and pastable. And it links back to your site. I used the Syntax Highlighter plugin. On infographics shared on your blog posts, you’d put something like this underneath the infographic inviting them to share. If they do you get a backlink.

<a href=”https://www.orbitmeda.com/blog/social-media-seo/”><img src=”https://www.orbitmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/SSI_Orb_v4-01.jpg” alt=”Social Media and SEO” /></a>

And that’s it.

A cool little strategy to get backlinks

When you add an embed code with a link back to your post, you’re doing the best thing you can do when featuring an infographic that you probably worked hard on, or had someone else work pretty hard on for you.

Infographics are one area where I need to improve on my authority niche blogs.

How to create good infographics: I don’t know if it’s my laptop or what, but Canva no longer works for me on my Mac Airbook. The text boxes glitch and I can’t resize them. I need to contact Canva about that. I say that, but instead, I’ll probably search for new infographic tools around the web. I use StencilApp a lot, but not for full blown infographics. Canva always did great for those. Good enough for my simple graphic needs.

Stencil App: I picked up the GetStencil pro version on an AppSumo lifetime deal for $39. It excels in many ways beyond that of Canva. But Canva beats Stencil App in other areas.

If you’re wondering how to handle infographics in your blog posts, I hope this little backlinking strategy I just learned about was useful for you.

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