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The #1 Best WordPress Backup Plugin

wordpress backup plugin

I’m in the process of trying out a new plugin for SEO called, Rank Math.

I use Yoast SEO for my blogs and my clients’ websites.

Rank Math comes from MyThemeShop. I am a fan of their plugins because they really stress on keeping them lightweight, something key for WordPress plugins.

Yoast SEO is tried and true and it’s done good for me, but it also has much more bloat than Rank Math.

Therefore, I will back up my nutrition blog before I make the switch. In case any shenanigans happen with this new plugin that I’m not 100% sure is bug-free, I will backup the current state of my blog and if anything like a crash happens, this will help me restore to what I just had.

I haven’t heard of this happening, but with the mix of plugins I use on that niche blog, you never know.

The #1 Best WordPress Backup Plugin 

The best way to do it is probably using FTP. This guide will give you the step by step with images on how to backup your WordPress website using FTP. I prefer to use cPanel if I’m able to when I’m on hosting that uses cPanel, but a lightweight plugin is probably the second best way to do it, on top of the regular backups your hosting may provide.

The 4 Best WordPress Backup Plugins:

  1. Vaultpress
  2. BackWPup
  3. BackupBuddy
  4. UpdraftPlus (the wordpress backup plugin of choice for all my blogs)

The #1 Best WordPress Backup Plugin:


They call it, “The world’s most trusted backup plugin

And the free version is all you need.

The only caveat with the free UpdraftPlus

As long as you have your security scans and malware monitoring set up (I use WebArx and MalCare Pro), then UpdraftPlus is the way to go. It’s the #1 free WordPress backup plugin for a reason, and if you don’t need the extras, it’s a perfect, simple, lightweight backup plugin that saves you time if you’re not big on doing all the FTP steps or other methods.

So if you have security already via another plugin or setup for your site, then this free WordPress backup plugin option is all you need.

Conclusion: Backup Your Site With UpdraftPlus

It’s really easy and is suggested to do whenever you install a new plugin. I never do that, but seeing how simple it is, I may start backing up before each installation even though my hosting plan backs up for me. It’s good to know how to do on-the-spot backups of your site, especially if you’re trying to do it right after some efforts put into the site.

Now onto backup and then install and get Rank Math active on my blog… blogs?

That’s yet to be seen. This site doesn’t use any SEO plugin. I’m trying to keep this one as lightweight as possible. No bells and no whistles on Authority Growth. If all goes well with Rank Math and the wizard really is that awesome, I will put it on this site and maybe try to start ranking for WordPress related words and get some affiliate marketing going on with the AG blog… it’s down there somewhere on the to do list. And a WordPress backup with UpDraftPlus will be step #1.

[alert-note] SEO Learning Tip:

The forum section for this new Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin has tons of information that is worth reading over. I’m finding this a great way to learn more about SEO, but reading the responses from the MyThemeShop team that many eager Rank Mather online marketers and SEOs are asking. [/alert-note]

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UP NEXT: Page Jump Links: Create in-blog menus, anchor text/phrases and page jumps on any page or blog post

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