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#1 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin Of 2019

The best WordPress contact form plugin is the lightest weight contact form plugin.

For this, we now have HappyForms.

It’s free, it’s lightweight and it uses the WordPress Customizer to get set up so it’s unlike any other WordPress plugin I’ve used.

I had an issue with my contact page due to creating a contact.domain subdomain for another website on the same shared hosting account..

..because of this, my contact page went down and I blamed the contact plugin I was using and went on a search for a new WordPress contact form plugin.

I didn’t need to as the one I was using WPForms (Lite) is also free and lightweight, and it was not causing the problem (I found this out soon after but decided to change contact form plugins anyways after learning about Happy Forms)

Why Use A WordPress Contact Form?

You need a way to engage with your customers or readers.

By using a contact form plugin, you can easily place it on the

I decided to do a quick browse of the net and came across a contact form review post (13 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Reviewed and Compared)) by one of my favorite marketing blogs out there, Kinsta.

This is where I found Happy Forms.

This is Kinsta’s conclusion on this plugin:

HappyForms is super lightweight in terms of code and performance. It’s 100% free and works great for those just needing something fast and easy.

It’s super easy to use and a fairly new plugin from Theme Foundry who have been in the WordPress biz forever, so they know what they’re doing (similar to mythemeshop plugins which are all SEO focused, Themefoundry has done the same here with Happy Forms WordPress contact form builder plugin)

Why Happy Forms?

It’s free.


Happy Forms have recently stopped being free. They still have their free version, but for the application form I used them for, this is no longer free with how I used it. It’s still a great plugin though if you need a contact form that does it all and looks good. It’s cheap.


It’s lightweight (SEO friendly).

It’s very customizable.

And it comes from a well-known company in the WordPress space, The Theme Foundry.

Because it is 100% free and almost 100% customizable, Happy Forms is the best free WordPress contact form builder plugin there is in my opinion. At least right now towards the end of 2018.

WordPress Contact Form Setup Tutorial

Want to see Happy Forms in action?

This guy lays it all out perfectly in this tutorial video below.

He creates a new contact form live with Happy Forms on WordPress.

As you can see if you watched the video,
Happy Forms is super easy to set up.

Happy Forms Features

What makes it so intuitive and easy to use is that it’s built straight into the WordPress customizer. The contact form developers deserve a pat on the back for this. This feature is what makes Generate Press my favorite WordPress theme.

On top of the developers building the customization options for the contact form within the WordPress Customizer,

Happy Forms comes with integrated Google ReCaptcha, redirect URL (something WPForms didn’t have in the free version from what I remember), and another option that lets you save all form submissions in the database.

Additionally, you have CSS styling options, and it’s basically 100% customizable.

All this for FREE.

People Loving Happy Forms WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Here’s one happy user review comparing it to the big daddy #1 WordPress contact form, Contact Form 7:

I’ve been using Contact Form 7, and compared to this plugin,
I’d say this one wins!

It looks beautiful
Great support
Keeping it up to date, fresh, and new features come frequently

Keep doing what you’re doing!


It’s worth repeating what hosting company, Kinsta, said about this WordPress contact form builder plugin:

Super lightweight in terms of code and performance, and 100% free.

There you have it.

Click Here to download it for free from the WordPress plugin depository.

To see more reviews from the Happy Forms WordPress download page, visit this link:

Conclusion: Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

Try Happy Forms out.

The final cherry on top for me is the “look.”

When you’re in customization, it doesn’t look as slick as when you publish and see the final results. They keep it simple, modern and up to date.

Your contact form users will appreciate a fresh, easy and very user friendly, easy on the eyes contact form.

I don’t use contact forms for anything special, just on the contact page, but if you’re in the position of needing a customizable contact form that performs great, has clean, lightweight code and is free, then Happy Forms from The Theme Foundry is the way to go right now in 2018.

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