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4 Ways To Strike Up A Personalized Conversation With Experts and Influencers In Your Niche

Strategy 1. Become a SOURCE for an article.

Reach out to people who need a source. It’s low hanging fruit.

JournoRequests is one place to do it.

Strategy 2. Quora or Reddit or Comment

  • Find questions that people are asking about and ANSWER them.
  • ENGAGE with those people to start building relationships. It’s great to do this with like minded folks just like you. It starts a meaningful conversation that gives value
  • Ask influencers in your space to add to your quora thread (Hey, I answered this question, but I didn’t do it justice – I’d LOVE for you to answer this….) This starts a convo with influencers. See who you can pull into your threads.

STRATEGY 3. Provide Data or Insights on what you do.

Find someone with a passion for data, and provide them some of it. Data is money.

Strategy 4. Interview Someone

Ask simple questions to influencers.

Send out an email and get them to answer. Once you get an answer, put it in your blog post, and you now have big names in your blog.

Sometimes they might even promote your little blog post.

This gives you meaningful relationships with journalists and influencers.

Who are influencers? Almost anyone…

  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Investors
  • Founders
  • Celebrities

Just reach out to them.


Summary: 4 ways to strike up a personalize conversation

  • Become a source for an article, respond to ALL and follow up
  • Quora, Reddit – answer questions – this lets you be able to find influencers and youcana ask them to participate
  • Provide Data Or Insights (for me: what is trending in supplements, in probiotics create a poll, promote the poll – give data to press and promote it)
  • Interview Someone – put up a blog post – promote it a bit – and strike up a conversation and get a quote for your article.


My thoughts on this webinar:

I think Providing Data as an objective non professional in the field is the way to go for me because I sell health supplements. I have no nutritionist certification nor am I doctor – but I love health and have personal backstories as to why I’m interested in this niche.

I think maybe the best way to reach out is to collate data on all the current probiotic supplements out there today.

From here I can compare them and create a chart about the differences.

Or maybe I can talk about the latest studies of probiotic experiments.

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