500 organic searches per day

500 organic searches per day

500 organic searches per month is where I’m at with my health and nutrition related blog.

Since my last post I’ve moved homes, gotten married, got my wife pregnant, lost my main client, found new clients, wrote a lot of blog posts for the authority niche sites, and started doing more local SEO too. On the back burner have been my blogs. But still getting content out each month. Next is getting an editorial calendar set up and a format for faster blog post publishing. I won’t even say how long it takes me to write them sometimes. By the grace of God and some writing that still has grammar and error problems to fix, and with KWFinder, a few of my posts were able to pick up some traffic and now I’m making some money passively with the first blog.

500 organic searches per day is not much. I’m above that, but rounding down to 500.

niche blog traffic authority growth
Screenshot from Google Analytics data in July 2018

It ends up being around 1,000 page views and/or 800 sessions per day.

Around March is when it picked up, after a Google update. This is a good sign because usually after an update if you’re doing things the right way you will see positive reaction on your blog. For this reason I don’t mess with anything shady. I stay away from grey hat tactics too.

I have not even done any link building unless you consider emailing companies I mention with my posts to tell them I wrote about them. This has gotten me a handful of backlinks. Backlinks are technically grey hat, but natural ones help big time. Reaching out for them is the grey part, but if you’re not asking for links and simply just want to share the great post you made that includes them, this is a great way to get natural links.

Other than that I just rely on long, well-written content.

This blog is more of a brain dump but I may dabble in affiliate marketing in the SEO or online marketing space in the future if I get some SOPs and outsourcing going for the content or get faster at writing. I don’t watch much tv, love to be out in the sun so long computer days are hard when it’s so nice outside and you have 3 dogs.

I started another site in a similar niche with plenty of physical and digital product affiliate sales potential.

Current dilemma: Moving to better hosting now that I’m at over 25,000 sessions per month.

I’m on the Siteground Growbig account and I love their service. I’ve been recommended to move to a VPS or a partial VPS, but I am not ready to move off of CPanel and its ease of use. So further research has told me that setting up a proper CDN with the GoGeek account will be perfect for my current traffic and growth.

When I hit 6 digit traffic numbers monthly I will upgrade to a dedicated server, but the top Siteground plan works great for many with around that much traffic.

Monetization: Adsense is pulling in a bit and so is amz associates. 80/20 amz to adsense.

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