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Identify current needs. Keyword research comes next.


Research opportunities & execute with new KW data.


Link-building, content marketing & more monthly SEO tasks. 

SEO is NOT just
keywords & backlinks anymore...

SEO is not what it used to be. Most are still stuck in 2004 (or even 2012). You can hire in-house, oversees, off Upwork, an SEO agency, you can order an SEO reseller package, or you can figure it out yourself.  Whatever it is you choose, it must focus on what YOUR brand needs. Custom tailored SEO is what works.

Many marketing and SEO agencies won’t factor in engagement. They focus on old school metrics that worked in 2004. Those out-dated SEO packages actually hurt your brand more than help. 

Don’t waste money on hurting your brand. If you’re looking to hire an SEO service, you need a custom growth plan focused on what’s working now, and will continue to well into the future.

SEO Is Now EBM...
"Engagement Based Marketing"

Today, to rank you need to capitalize on engagement. When you get people watching, sharing, liking, reviewing and engaging on everything with your brand, the engagement based algorithm will love you. This means you want people to fuel your growth, not just links and keywords.

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