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This has been such a great experience working with John at Authority Growth and their team. We have doubled our annual revenue and it’s looking like a triple for the coming year.
Jesse Foles
Ecommerce Shop Owner

SEO is NOT just
keywords & backlinks anymore.

SEO is not what it used to be. Most are still stuck in 2004 (or even 2012).

You can hire in-house, oversees, off Upwork, an SEO agency, you can order an SEO reseller package, or you can figure it out yourself.

Whatever it is you choose, it must focus on what YOUR brand needs. Custom tailored SEO is what works.

Many marketing and SEO agencies won’t factor in engagement. They focus on old school metrics that worked in 2004.

Those out-dated SEO packages actually hurt your brand more than help.

Don’t waste money on hurting your brand.

If you’re looking to hire an SEO service, you need a custom growth plan focused on what’s working now, and will continue to well into the future.

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We sign NDA Disclosures As Most Brands Want To Remain AnonymousSri Sarun Anti Hairloss Shampoo

SEO Is Now Engagement Based Marketing (EBM)

Today, to rank you need to capitalize on engagement.

Effective SEO relies on this ranking factor today more than ever before,

And it’s a trend that is only going to increase going into 2020.

When you get people watching, sharing, liking, reviewing and engaging on everything with your brand, the engagement based algorithm will love you.

This means you want people to fuel your growth, not just links and keywords.

That’s where Authority Growth comes in.

What we do for you is straightforward:

We help your business grow without ads or social media.

Here’s how it works.

For a small monthly fee, we’ll make sure you’re getting traffic that converts into sales.

So all those people searching and finding your competition right now, will start to see you instead.

We do this by first tackling ALL low hanging fruit opportunities.

Believe it or not, this alone can create a significant positive difference.

And this is just phase 1

Make your online store the best it can be (and leave the endless SEO research to us).

Chances are you didn’t become a store owner after you were already an SEO expert.

While this may have been the case, at a certain point you need to focus on the business.

And SEO is just one of the various ecommerce pieces, whether you’re manufacturing your own products or getting them manufactured for you.

In this rapidly changing online world landscape, SEO is leading the charge in changes.

It’s exciting to be on the edge, but there’s a fine line between chasing growth hacks and relying on tried and true principles that will never change.

Leave this all up to us.

Authority Growth makes it easy to generate more ecommerce sales.

We know where this fine line is, and because of this, we will never let an opportunity pass you by.

And at the same time we’ll focus on our 100% above-board SEO practices to make sure you’re the go-to online shop in your industry.

Be a top-of-the-line ecommerce website and leave all the ranking stuff up to Authority Growth.